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Posted 01/02/2014

The Institute For Women’s Health was formed on May 1, 1996. The groundwork and planning by the doctors who founded the Institute For Women’s Health began over a year earlier in April of 1995.

The group was formed by the founding partners: Drs. Carlos Cardenas and Orlando Suris, from Alamo Women’s Center, Drs. Cesar Reyes and Ronald Valdez from Live Oak OB/GYN and Joseph Garza from the Advanced Fertility Lab. Along with the founding partners, Drs. Celyna Delgado and Michael Troy were new employee physicians to these existing practices and joined this new practice when the individual groups merged to form Institute For Women’s Health. As time progressed, the group added new physicians and continued to merge practices. Dr. Valentin Almendarez was the first new physician hired by the group only 2 months after the Institute For Women’s Health was formed. In April 1998, Dr. Evangeline Ramos-Gonzales joined the group. Later in 1998, Dr. Jose Ruiz moved his practice from Tucson Arizona. Dr. Karen Carcamo came to us from another San Antonio practice in August of 1999. In July of 2001, The Institute For Women’s Health merged the practices of Dr. Victor Casiano and Dr. Henry Garza. That month, IFWH also added Dr. Eduardo Raez as a new addition to the practice. Currently Institute For Women’s Health has 17 physician partners and 14 employee physicians.

The group also merged the staff and best practices that each group had to offer. We have continued to expand the practice to become the largest OB/Gyn and Fertility practice in South Texas. Institute For Women’s Health currently has medical 9 offices strategically located around San Antonio. Clinically, we are privileged to have 31 Physicians, 1 Nurse Practitioner, 1 Surgical Assistant, and 8 Sonographers.

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