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Well Woman Exam


We encourage our patients to have annual well-woman exams. A well-woman exam is an annual preventive screening of breast and gynecological diseases. During the visit, your doctor will discuss your health history and lifestyle and will perform a physical exam of your breast and pelvis.

Who should have a well woman exam?

Females that are sexually active or females over the age of 18 should have a well-woman exam each year. We also recommend young girls between the age of 13-15 to come in and see a gynecologist to talk about their women’s health and get educated on what to expect in the future and how they should care for their health.

Our well-woman exam includes the following services:

  • Pelvic examination
  • Pap smear test (depending on age, not everyone may need it every year)
  • Education literature
  • Breast examination (a mammogram or bone density scan may be ordered depending on age or case)
  • HPV test (depending on age, case by case basis)

How often should I have a well-woman exam?

Well woman exams should be performed yearly on women over 18 or women who are sexually active. Please note that while some women may not need to have a yearly pap smear, it is still recommended to have a well woman exam every year to check for other abnormalities. The well woman exam is the foundation of good health in a woman’s care. Healthy habits and early detection of disease increases not only your length of life but, more importantly, your quality of living.

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