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Top Obstetrical Services at IFWH in San Antonio

Posted 11/27/2017

At the Institute for Women’s Health, we pride ourselves on the premiere OB/GYN practice in San Antonio, Texas. Having a baby is one of the most important events in your life, and our priority is to make this event healthy and safe for you.

Our expert obstetricians cover a wide range of needs, addressing everything from prenatal to postpartum care. Here are some of the top services we provide:

Prenatal testing

When you first find out you are pregnant, it’s essential to have the proper prenatal testing done by professionals. The doctors will take into account your health history, risk factors and record any new medication you might need.

Non-stress testing

What is a non-stress test? A non-stress test, otherwise known as NST, is a prenatal test where the doctor checks the heart rate of your fetus.

During this non-stress test, your baby’s heart rate will be monitored. The physician will see how your baby responds to particular movements. It’s called a non-stress test because the test is very safe – your baby will not experience any stress throughout the procedure.

Typically, a non-stress test is done after the 26th or 28th week of pregnancy. This type of test can be very beneficial, especially with those who have previous histories of difficult pregnancies.


Ultrasounds are important scans that assess your baby’s development. An ultrasound is easy and painless. During the procedure, your doctor will use sound waves that create images of the inside of your body.

Depending on the baby’s stage of development, your doctor will be able to monitor whether or not your baby is measuring and moving appropriately, according to growth charts. An ultrasound also allows the doctor to see the fluids and blood flow inside your body and your womb.

Some women question if it’s safe to have multiple pregnancy ultrasounds while carrying a child. The short answer is yes. There are no complications found in women who have undergone multiple pregnancy screenings via ultrasounds. In fact, many women report better healthcare, easier pregnancies and less stress due to the knowledge that their doctor is able to see and understand what is going on inside their body. In a typical pregnancy, you will have about 4 – 5 ultrasounds.

Fetal heart monitoring

With fetal heart monitoring services, your doctor is able to record the heartbeat and heart rate of your fetus. Fetal heart monitoring can help your doctor detect any problems with your baby, whether during your pregnancy or while you’re in labor. Fetal heart monitoring during labor can also help detect whether or not your baby is experiencing any problems due to the umbilical cord.

Prenatal class references

Another important thing to do during your pregnancy is to attend prenatal classes. Our doctors can recommend the perfect prenatal classes for you to attend based on your risk factors and lifestyle. During these classes, you will learn skills such as how to exercise correctly throughout the duration of your pregnancy, or how to breathe properly during labor. These classes also offer a good opportunity to meet other mothers or parents going through the same things as you are, and beginning this journey of life with your new baby.

High-risk pregnancies

One of the most important obstetrical services we provide in our San Antonio pregnancy clinics is caring for women with high-risk pregnancies. If you or someone you know is potentially having a high-risk pregnancy, it’s critical they get the help they need from day one. High-risk pregnancies must be treated uniquely, as the mothers may need to be put on a special diet or rest plan. We offer assistance to patients who may need help obtaining medical documents for work or for travel.

Follow-up care after delivery

After you give birth, the Institute for Women’s Health will be there for you for follow-up care. We can teach you how to provide for your newborn, offer tips on how to handle the ups and downs of being a new parent, and help you to navigate this new and exciting journey. Whether you need advice on breastfeeding, family budgeting, post-natal weight loss, safe exercise plans or postnatal care, we are here to help.

Expecting a baby soon? Do you know someone who is? Then find out which Institute for Women’s Health location in San Antonio is closest to you, and schedule your appointment today.

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