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San Antonio couple expecting 2 sets of identical twin boys

Posted 09/27/2015

The couple is pregnant with quadruplets — two sets of twin boys.

“I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it,” Minor said.

Minor said early on doctors suggested she abort one set of twins. She traveled to Houston to have the procedure performed, and that’s when things didn’t feel quite right.jessica

“I was depressed for a while, but I was like, ‘God gave me these kids for a reason, so I’m not going to abort,’” Minor said.

Rohena said he also decided against the procedure when appointments and other issues cropped up.

“She was in good health,” Rohena said. “There was no reason to get rid of two. The babies were in good health.”

Dr. Jessica Diaz with the Institute for Women’s Health will deliver the quadruplets Jan. 31. She said the pregnancy is extremely rare.

“Definitely this is a high-risk pregnancy. We’ve got a lot of milestones to reach one by one,” Diaz said. “The most important is getting to 24 weeks.”

Minor is 23 weeks pregnant and said she reached this multiple-birth pregnancy without fertility treatments. She said the pregnancy was unplanned, and so was the birth of her first son, Khristian Jr.

Rohena is an Iraq War veteran who was medically discharged. He served in the U.S. Army for five years.

He said doctors told him he was sterile after an accident during surgery. He was told he’d never have children, but he prayed for a boy.

“It’s a great miracle,” Rohena said. ”I never thought, ‘I’m 34-years-old, I waited all this time.’”

The couple is most worried about the financial challenges ahead. Rohena is disabled and unable to work. Right now, they’re living in a two-bedroom apartment.

“She’s going to have five little boys under the age of one all running around, so definitely a lot of family and community support will be needed,” Rohena said.

The couple plans to name the quadruplets Yandial Louis, Yarial Rafael, O’Ryan Rico and Ryan Nico.

Twins run on both sides of their family, but the chances of what’s happening to them now are one in a million.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the family can do so at Wells Fargo for Shontae Minor. Account: 9767099980.

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