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Local OB/GYN practice newest national health consortium member

Posted 09/27/2015

San AntonioInstitute for Women’s Health, the largest OB/GYN in South Texas, recently obtained membership to the US Women’s Health Alliance (USWHA), making them the only practice in the region, and one of three in the entire state of Texas, to join.

USWHA is a national alliance of many of the largest and most prominent healthcare groups across the Unites States that collaborate to improve women’s healthcare. USWHA members work together to achieve superior patient care and advocacy that are not possible individually.

“We are proud to now be a partner in an alliance with the mission of providing the highest quality of care to women on a national level,” said Mike Koroscik, CEO of Institute for Women’s Health. “Joining USWHA is a key step in the advance of women’s healthcare, and we look forward to contributing to this collaboration and advancing the field together.”

As a member of USWHA, Institute for Women’s Health has greater access to pooled resources and new developments in women’s healthcare. Most importantly, the prestigious recognition allows them to be a part of a national effort to ensure all women are receiving exceptional, accessible and affordable care.

USWHA currently has 17 member groups across the nation with hundreds of medical offices employing 800 physicians to provide care to more than 5 million women.

About Institute for Women’s Health

Institute for Women’s Health was formed on May 1, 1996. Since then, they have continued to expand the practice to become one of the largest OB/GYN and fertility practices in the region. Institute for Women’s Health currently has eight medical offices strategically located around San Antonio. Clinically, they are privileged to have more than 30 physicians, a nurse practitioner and 8 sonographers.

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