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IFWH in Social Media

Posted 01/02/2014

To warm your heart, some of our patients also post pictures of their babies that were delivered by our physicians, stories about overcoming health issues and many other things. Feel free to share the love with us.


If you prefer twitter, you can find us there as well. Recently we tweeted a live surgery procedure from the OR! Yes, images and all! In our twitter feed you will find interesting discussions with healthcare influencers, bloggers and just a bit of everything IFWH. Twitter is also a good source of IFWH news and alerts. Also, feel free to share pictures, news, notes, etc! We love to hear from you!


For our Youtube lovers, we have a channel where we share material on everything women’s health. You can find videos of our physicians talking about your favorite topics, patient testimonials and videos of live procedures.


So there you have it! There’s no excuse to say important information is not available and no excuse to take care of yourself. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like our doctors to write about, let us know. In the meantime, happy holidays and we will see you next week!

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