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How to Choose an Ob-Gyn in San antonio

Posted 02/14/2018

How to Choose an Ob-Gyn in San antonio

An obgyn, or obstetrician/gynecologist, specializes in reproductive health. They typically help women with routine check-ups and exams, along with managing pre- and post-pregnancy health care. Having a trusted obgyn is an important part of staying healthy throughout a woman’s life.

Obgyn San Antonio Services

The most common time to see an obgyn is for a yearly well-woman exam. This type of exam looks at a woman’s reproductive system to determine if she’s healthy. It typically consists of a pap smear, pelvic and breast exam. Generally, doctors recommend that women start visiting an obgyn before they become sexually active or if they have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer. If they have any lifestyle risk factors that could increase the chances of these cancers, they’re also encouraged to start visiting early.
Outside of the well-woman exam, obgyns provide a range of other services. Here are a few common services for this medical specialty:

  • Pelvic and urinary tract infections:
    Since these areas are closely linked to the reproductive system, an obgyn can diagnose and treat any infections. They can also handle the follow-up appointments in many cases, although some women may prefer to check in with their general practitioner instead.
  • Contraception:
    People can visit an obgyn to learn about available birth control methods and discuss the options that best meet their needs. For instance, an obgyn can prescribe birth control pills, or conduct the procedure for inserting an intrauterine device. If a birth control method doesn’t work well for someone, an obgyn can evaluate other options and help patients find one that works well for them.
  • Menopause:
    As women get older and their hormone production starts to change, they go through menopause. An obgyn can help with this transition, as well as prescribe medicine to help manage symptoms such as hot flashes.
  • Bone density scans:
    Women may end up with various bone density-related problems as they get older, particularly after they go through menopause. An obgyn can run scans and tests to determine whether someone is running into this problem, and create a treatment plan to address the issues.
  • Family planning:
    An obgyn can offer advice throughout the family-planning process. This includes discussing the initial pregnancy goals of a couple all the way up to delivering a baby. By working with a dedicated obgyn from beginning to end, a couple will have someone who will be familiar the decisions they’ve made, as well as someone who can advocate for them during the pregnancy and delivery.
  • Adolescent gynecology:
    As young women begin their periods and their bodies go through puberty, they can benefit from visiting an obgyn early on. The hormones in birth control pills often offer solutions for medical issues such as heavy periods, mood swings and other hormonal issues, even if the women aren’t sexually active.

The Benefits of Seeing an Obgyn Regularly

Regular visits to an obgyn make it possible to catch any problems early on. When women go to the same gynecologist for years, they also have the advantage of visiting someone who knows their medical history well. As a result, their obgyn may be able to identify early signs of problems.

Visiting an obgyn frequently can also help women adapt to the different needs of their various life stages. For instance, the services and medical care they need during their early 20s will be much different from what they’re looking for in their 40s. Birth control adjustments, assistance with family planning and menopause are just a few areas an obgyn can provide advice.

How to Choose an Obgyn

Some women may feel embarrassed or ashamed when talking about their reproductive health. Although it’s perfectly fine to feel this way, this is why it’s important to choose an obgyn who makes sure their patients are as comfortable as possible. For instance, they shouldn’t judge someone based on their lifestyle, or make it difficult to ask uncomfortable questions. The office should be inviting and welcoming as soon as patients walk in the door, and the staff should all be professional.

An obgyn should be knowledgeable on matters of reproductive health and work with women to get them the tests and treatment plans that address their situations and needs. They should also be able to provide counsel with regard to family planning, birth control and other reproductive health matters.

Women can refer to online review sites and their social media circles to get recommendations and additional information about obgyn offices that meet their needs.

When Should You Schedule an Obgyn Appointment

A yearly well-woman exam gives women the chance to check in with their obgyn and go over any concerns or changes. Outside of this visit, women should also consider making appointments when they want to start, stop or change their birth control options or begin infertility treatments. They should also visit an obgyn if they become concerned about potential signs of cancer.

An obgyn is a trusted partner and provider for reproductive health. Make an appointment at the Institute for Women’s Health today to address any questions, concerns or other issues.

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